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Wedding Game – Best Kiss

Courtesy of our friends at Burkart Video Productions. Eugene hosts a game at the DeGuzman-Seguinte wedding reception. Four couples were chosen by the bride and groom who then competed to see which of the couples kissed the best. After the winning couple was selected by applause they had to perform an instant replay wherein Cedric and Jennifer had to pay close attention because they had to copy the kiss exactly!

Dennis & Jessica

Eugene and Mark combine for Dennis & Jessica’s wedding. The party was definitely going on that night and the crowd stayed on the dance floor all the way ’til the end!

Rogelio & Monique

It was a nice, yet super hot summer day all the way in the middle of Sunol, CA. The entire wedding was outdoors at Nella Terra Cellars as we provided sound for the ceremony and lit up the tent with uplighting + custom designed gobo for the reception. The party was jumpin! Thank you Rogelio & Monique!

Deep & May

Deep is Punjabi and May is Filipina. All I can say is that this party was OFF DA HOOK. It was the 3rd and final reception. The first 2 were Punjabi style. I did the Catholic Filipino style reception. There were about 200 guests. Man did they party! Open bar, dancing all night long, and all you can eat all night long! Check out their video!

James & Safia

This wedding is a good friend of mine. I used my new set up at James and Safia’s wedding. I was very impressed with the sound. The best part is, it fits in the back of my Honda Pilot! And, everything is much lighter! We are talking 2 tops and 1 sub. Total of 3000 watts! 27 years in the game, this is probably the easiest, lightest, and most …portable system ever!

Floyd & Laura

OMG! This was another great party I did this past Saturday at the Hyatt in Burlingame, CA. The bride was Latina and the groom was Filipino. The ambiant lighting was AMAZING! See for yourself! I brought the family and they stayed in the room while I worked. Then we had an awesome brunch the next day at El Torito right next to SF Airport. It was a GREAT weekend!

Chris & Maritess

Here’s a video of my wedding I did at the San Ramon Marriott Hotel in San Ramon CA. This was an awesome crowd! The B & G were so nice! Btw, the groom is related to Jasmine Trias from American Idol. This was a good gig! Enjoy!